market players in Cold Pressed Oil

Who are the market players in Cold Pressed Oil / Marachekku Ennai / Oil?

There are many manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who are market players in Cold Pressed Oil / Chekku Ennai. Primarily let us distribute this in to 3 buckets, (a) Online Sellers (b) Offline Retailers (c) Churning Mills

Let’s now look at each of the category in details for us to understand better.

(a) Online Sellers: – This is an interestingly grown up ecommerce segment in India apart of the other major players like Flipkart, Amazon etc., There are 100s of websites today selling Cold Pressed Oil / Marachekku Ennai / Marachekku Oil / Chekku Oil / Chekku Ennai / Wood Pressed Oil online. The advantage of these websites is that they delivery in couple of days and you have the convenience of placing the order online sitting at your home or just using your mobile phone. Some of the prominent players in this segment are as follows: – This store claims that it is the first exclusive online store in India and they have provided some evidences in their website. When we looked in to the website, it is clean, neat and transparent. When we further did some research, they have around 175+ positive reviews in Google and the feedback from consumers are awesome. However, they do not have any offline store, they are 100% online only store and they ship products from their warehouse. – This is a small-time offline store in Chennai and they have recently come up with a website to cater their existing customers, to our surprise they have over 250 reviews in Google. We visited their store in Mylapore, Chennai and it is less than 100 sq. ft. in size with computerized billing and a loyalty reward scheme. They also sell other products like Ghee, Jaggery Powder, Himalayan Salt, Millet based Noodles etc., With their interiors it does not look like an oil shop.

I would call the above stores as market players in Cold Pressed Oil, however there could be many more.

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