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What is the difference between Marachekku Ennai & Expeller Pressed Oil?

There are different methods of Extraction / Pressing of seeds for oils. Chekku Oil here is about expeller pressing of oils. Cold Pressed is through Wooden Chekku in which the temperature is maintained at 27 to 28 degree Celsius, where in the expeller machines heats the oils due to pressing under high pressure and this pressure causes oil heating and there by the properties of oil getting transformed or changed.

Due to this typical issue, its highly recommended we extract oils using cold press method and use them, as our body which produces natural heat will convert these MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) to easy energy.


In those days, bulls were used to extract oil from seeds. It is also known by the name “Bull Driven Method”. This is one of our ancient and traditional methods. As of now we cannot use bulls which are not feasible. Hence people moved on to wood pressed i.e. cold pressed.

Cold pressed is known as “MARACHEKKU” in Tamil. Seeds are processed to extract oil by crushing where the heat never exceeds 120˚F. Cold pressing involves neither heat nor chemical treatment. In fact, when oil is produced at lower temperature, they retain higher quantity of nutritional level includes anti-oxidant. This makes the oil’s aroma and taste remains raw/source like seeds.

Cold pressed oil is suitable for all types of cooking. Mainly for deep frying as it has higher density. When it comes to fitness, it carries natural nutrients which are good for both health and skin.


In fact, the quantity of the oil during cold pressing is approximately 33% which is low in quantity high in quality. Then comes, the expeller pressed method where the quantity of the oil is approximately 75%. Alternatively, oils that are expeller pressed are squeezed from the seed through a barrel-like cavity by using friction and continuous pressure. This can produce higher temperatures ranges from 140 to 210˚F. The quantity of the oil increases due to higher temperature and pressing.

Though this method contains higher temperatures, it does not use any additional chemicals. But still, there are some chances of refining the expeller pressed oil. This refining process involves additional heat from steam and the use of natural earthen bleaching clay. Due to higher temperature, all its nutrients are lost. Thus, the oil’s aroma and taste differ from its originality.

This oil is mainly suitable for baking due to its nutty, toasted flavor.

While comparing both the methods, cold pressed oil is strongly recommended for cooking. Truthfully it has many benefits like aroma, taste and natural nutrients which are good for your health and skin.

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