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What is the difference between Cold Pressed Oil & Wood Pressed Oil?

The process of cold pressed oil and wood pressed oil are similar however the major difference is Cold Pressed Oil can be extracted using any machine as long as they have not used heat during the extraction of oil. Please understand that heat produces more oil hence Cold Pressed Oil are more expensive. Also, there are 3 types of churners/ chekku used (a) Kal Chekku (Stone Expeller) (b) Wood Pressed Expeller (c) Metal Churners

Let us now look at each in detail.

Kal Chekku / Stone Expeller: This is the most commonly used expeller at one point in time, this will have a wooden plunger however the base will be in stone. This is the best type of oil according to our research as it produces less heat than the fully made wood unit. This was earlier driven by bullocks however today it is driven by electric motor.

Wood Pressed Churner: This is the mostly widely used churner today due to increasingly popularity and people’s awareness about what is beneficial. This type of churner produces more heat than the traditional Kal Chekku / Stone Expeller. This is mostly driven by electrical motor only.

Metal Churners / General Expellers: This is also a type of Chekku Ennai machine where everything will be in metal. This type of expellers does not come under Cold Pressed Oil category however it still retains nutrition better than refined oil. The main benefit of this type of machine is, it will be able to give you more oil than the other 2 types of machines.

Overall less heat means less oil extraction, high in nutrition more price. There are few other combinations within the 3 categories but these are the major types of machines.

Hope this article enabled you to find the difference between cold pressed oil and wood pressed oil.

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