Iluppai Oil Benefits

Iluppai Oil Benefits

     Iluppai Oil health benefits are associated to medicinal property of the Iluppai tree. Iluppai tree is an Indian tropical tree. This tree grows mostly in  the central and northern part of Indian plains and forests.  It is divine due to its various health benefits.  Every part of the tree has special purposes. It has various health benefits. Especially when it is cold pressed. Has skin softening and soothing properties and hence used to cure skin diseases.


Iluppai Oil Benefits     Using Iluppai Oil helps in curing rheumatism (inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue, especially rheumatoid arthritis), relieves headache, and reduces body heat. Strengthens nervous system and cures nervous disorder. Helps to reduce irritation and swelling of body due to poisonous insect bite. Using Iluppai Oil benefits in reduction of eye irritation.



Iluppai Oil Benefits     Heals stomach infection and kills germs in stomach especially for children. Relieves constipation, piles and haemorrhoids. Intake few drops of Iluppai oil every morning before food benefits in curing constipation. Used in treatment of bronchitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Iluppai oil used as cough expectorant and also treats Cushing syndrome. It is an excellent skin care product as provides a glowing skin and promotes hair growth.


Iluppai Oil Benefits     Iluppai Oil is similar to the compound of diclofenac sodium which is good for reducing inflammation in a test. Massaging this oil for elders relieves joint pain. Iluppai Oil is a natural laxative. Used as external application as a solution for insect bite. Iluppai oil is for rashes and roughness of skin. Iluppai Oil is a good choice of sweet smelling repellent instead of using harmful repellents which is not at all healthy for our body causing lung issues.



Iluppai Oil has both medical and skin protection benefits. It is a very good product to have in your household.

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