Ghee And Milk Rice Cake

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake – By Lisa Leo 

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake     Hi, My Name is Lisa Leo. I am working as a principal for Sowkhya College of Nursing, Karnataka. This post is all about a simple yet very delicious recipe. It is very nutritious and very filling recipe. It just needs few simple steps to prepare. With very little ingredients this is easy to make. I am sure you will definitely love this recipe.

Before we get to the cooking part first I want to talk to you about the ghee. The ghee is an essential part of most of our Recipe. From a nutritional standpoint it is essential for us to use at least 2 tablespoons of ghee every day. That being said it is very essential how you choose your ghee. It has to be pure and natural. As for as I know Gheestore provides the best ghee. It tastes as ghee is supposed to. Though only a little quantity is needed for this recipe it is the most important ingredient. So the more natural it is the great it tastes. Now let’s get cooking.

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake – The Ingredients

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake The following quantity measures for serving 2.
Ghee: 3 Tablespoon | Rice Flour: 250g | Sugar : 100g | Milk : 200ml | Grated Coconut : 100g | Cardamom : 3-4 Pods | a pinch of salt

It just takes about 5 minutes to prepare the dough and about 20 to 25 minutes for steaming.

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake – The Method

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake     Let’s start by powdering sugar and cardamom together. You can also use powdered sugar if have it handy. Make sure the milk is hot and mix the sugar and cardamom mix with it. Add a pinch of salt. And add the ghee and mix well. Now slowly start mixing in the rice flower little by little till it becomes thick like a dough. Allow this dough to cool down. Ghee And Milk Rice Cake

Now that our dough is ready it’s time to get creative. you can now take small chunks of the dough and shape it into any desired shape. This mixer is very sticky so apply some vegetable oil on your hand. This will prevent the dough from sticking to your hand. I like Kala Jamuns a lot so I shaped my Ghee and Milk Rice cakes in the same shape. Roll these smaller doughs over the grated coconut.

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake     Now it is ready for steaming. You can use any steaming utensil you have in your home. You can use anything from a normal idly cooker to steaming baskets. I prefer the idly cooker

Ghee And Milk Rice Cake because it retails the moisture of the cake and makes it soft. steam it for about 20 to 25 min or until the cake is cooked from inside. You can poke a clean toothpick or a fork into the cake. If it comes out clean without any wet batter sticking on it then it is cooked. And your cake is ready to be served.

Plating and Serving

     There are several ways to present this recipe. It all depends on how you get creative. This recipe can be served both hot or cold. If you are serving cold steam the dough without the grated coconut. And after steaming allow it to cool. Once sold dip it into condensed milk and then roll it on the grated coconut. And cool it in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also garnish it with nuts like Almonds, Pista and Cashews. Just remember these nuts has to chopped.


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