Clove benefits

Cloves Benefits

     Cloves benefits us in many ways. The flower buds of the clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum) are the source of these benefits. Clove tree is an evergreen tree. Cloves are sweet and aromatic spice and is used for cooking. It has many medicinal values too.


Cloves Benefits In Cooking

Clove In Cooking

     Cloves adds flavour to hot beverages, and bring spicy warmth to cookies and cakes. It’s one of the main components of garam masala. It is the key ingredient in adding flavor to Biryani and flavored rice along with Bay leafs. Cloves are the best flavoring agent. In Traditional Indian cuisine cloves are main ingredient which adds flavor. Cloves benefit include fibre, vitamins, and minerals, using whole or ground cloves to add flavour to your food can provide some important nutrients. One teaspoon (2 grams) of ground cloves contains 6 Cal., 1gm Carbs, 1 gm fibre, 55% Manganese of the daily value and 2 % of vitamin K of daily value.


Clove Health Benefits

Clove Health Benefits

     Cloves have various health benefits.  It is an excellent home remedies to treat toothache. The eugenol is a key compound in clove that provides the flavor of cloves and a pain-reliever and can help relieve inflammation. Manganese is an essential mineral for maintaining brain function and building strong bones. Cloves is rich in a eugenol which acts as a natural antioxidant. Cloves have antimicrobial properties and protect from bacterial infections. It helps to improve liver health. Just add some clove powder along with almond oil or any carrier oil and apply it over the skin.





     Cloves has long been used in home remedies. Indian and Chinese medicines used cloves to cure many ailments. It’s a key ingredient in adding spice to our food. It is very important that cloves are always available in your kitchen and your medicine chest.

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