organic cold pressed oil

Are Organic Cold Pressed Oil or Marachekku Ennai really organic?

This is the area where I would like to enlighten everyone as it is the most critical element when you decide. Firstly, everyone calls the cold pressed oil / Marachekku ennai as organic, however it is really not organic. While the production of cold pressed oil involves no chemicals or refining process, the seeds or kernels are not from organic farms. Even some of the seeds sold in retail market as organic seeds (like sesame, groundnut, coconut or castor seeds) are not real. Here is where the consumers have to be aware that it is may not be organic however it is still a cold pressed oil, which means there is a possibility that the kernels used are from regular non-organic farms.

Now, you might ask are really organic cold pressed oils are available, the simple answer is ‘Yes’ however it comes with a price, which you have to accept or make your mind that you are not taking organic cold pressed oil. For example, the cost of Organic Sesame Oil / Gingelly Oil / Nallennai in Tamil could cost you INR 1000 per kilo gram. Are you shocked to know this? Either ways, it is “Yes” according to our research. However, this kind of oils are recommended for cancer patients or the ones who are preparing ayurvedic medicines.

However you don’t need to get scared as it is surely better than refined oils that you might get it from the market. Beware of the blended oil mixed with Palm oil.

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